Monday, March 31, 2014

Monday gives us a green streak

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It’s now a green streak, six days running in the favorable zone. Monday’s NotSpot℠ score was 20.

Monday profile
WEEK 1320
WEEK 1229
WEEK 1133
WEEK 1035
WEEK 939
WEEK 841
WEEK 732
WEEK 644
WEEK 530
WEEK 435
WEEK 318*
WEEK 222
WEEK 118*
Asterisk indicates adverse weather conditions

DK Watch: Day Four
A recap is in order. We started following DK&V last Wednesday after the empty station was rebalanced with 10 bikes.

On Thursday, the last of those 10 was gone by 8 am and the station spent 4 hours in Notspotland. Bikes returned in the evening hours.

On Friday, the station was empty by 8:30 am and DK&V racked up 8 more NotSpot hours

Today, it took until 9 am to empty out. Seven more for the NotSpot score!

Let’s do that again
Thu - empty 8 am
Fri - empty 8:30 am
Mon - empty 9 am

Just counting.

The King of All NotSpots
The King struck in Williamsburg, taking out S 4 St & Wythe Ave for 8.5 hours.

Available bicycle count
Bikes available at 5:30 pm today: 4223
Bikes available at  5:30 pm Friday: 4341

Bikes available at  5:30 pm a week ago:4350

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