Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The newsies are humming today -- second scoop this week for Daily News

General Manager of city's bike share program resigns

 An excerpt
Justin Ginsburgh, the general manager of NYC Bike Share, has resigned from his post, the Daily News has learned. Ginsburgh, 33, joined Alta -- the company that oversees the Citi Bike program through a subsidiary -- in 2013 to oversee the launch of the country’s largest bike share system.
But since then, the popular blue bikes have been plagued with financial and operational issues that are threatening the program’s livelihood — problems city officials and advocates have pinned on Alta's most senior management.

As Citi Bike Approaches Anniversary, Worries Abound

An excerpt

Nearly 100,000 annual members later, bike share in the city remains a rolling contradiction — a runaway success tottering beneath the weight of its own riders.

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