Friday, March 28, 2014

How London solved its NotSpot problem: Threatened to fine operator

NYC’s British bike-share lesson: Citi Bike might cost tax dollars in the end

An excerpt
The bikes were supposed to be evenly distributed at docks around the city, so they would be where you needed them, when you needed them. Transport authorities were slow to spot that this wasn’t happening, and in fact many docks were empty while — still worse — others were full, leaving users circling the neighborhood with nowhere to park up.
Under threat of hefty fines, private contractor Serco hired more staff to redistribute the bikes by lorry (that's by truck).


  • The original sponsor of the London bike-share program, Barclays, did not renew its sponsorship, probably because they didn’t get much bang for their buck. The bikes became known as Boris Bikes, after the London mayor who championed the program, Boris Johnson.

  • The solution -- trucks filled with bikes and crews -- is what we propose.

  • Looks like the Daily News is starting to pay serious attention to bike sharing. This is their third major piece this week.

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