Friday, March 7, 2014

Looking at the week with the help of the NotSpot Index

Showing off the new NotSpot Index


Now isn’t it easy to see (and say) that the week started out badly and got progressively better, with a bit of backsliding today. How we arrive at the NotSpot Index is explained on its very own page. Or click on tab below logo.

For Friday itself, we recorded just one survey in the Yellow Zone, the usual 10:30 am peak.

Today’s King of All NotSpots

The Columbia Heights & Cranberry St station in Brooklyn Heights.  22 bikeless hours. One bike did show up in the middle of this stretch. And was gone in about 15 minutes

Available bikes
The count stayed above 4,000 for a second straight day

Bikes available at 5:30 pm today :4077
Bikes available at around the same time yesterday: 4148
Bikes available at around the same time a week ago: 4330

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