Wednesday, March 26, 2014

We’re blown away by Wednesday

Googled "green wind" to get this

Certainly the chill winds were a factor in today’s NotSpot℠ score of 21, at the low end of the Green Zone. So no sense spending much time writing about it.

Wednesday profile

WEEK 1223*
WEEK 1131
WEEK 1038
WEEK 936
WEEK 823
WEEK 741
WEEK 629
WEEK 536
WEEK 422
WEEK 334
WEEK 217
WED W121
Asterisk indicates adverse weather conditions

DK Watch

At 5:30, about half of the 10 bikes placed there at 11 am have left the station.

The King of All NotSpots
No doubt about it. The King likes Brooklyn. You can see him at Clermont Ave & Park Ave in Fort Greene. He’s fended off all bikes there since 7:30 this morning.

Available bicycle count

The number continues to climb upward.  Topped 4800 in the morn.
Bikes available at 5:30 pm today: 4535
Bikes available at  5:30 pm yesterday: 4495
Bikes available at  5:30 pm a week ago: 3997

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