Thursday, January 30, 2014

Diagnosis: Lower East has NotStop Syndrome

It's almost chronic the way the Lower East Side purges itself of bikes every day around noon. 

At midday, more than 60 percent of the total number of docks in the Lower East Side and Tompkins Square were waiting for a bike to fill their empty arms. 

This part of town is usually bike deprived at this time of day but today is really, really bad.

27Lower East SidePike St & Monroe St10:00:00
28Lower East SideClinton St & Grand St9:00:00
27Lower East SideMadison St & Clinton St9:00:00
20Lower East SideMadison St & Montgomery St11:00:00
30Lower East SideHenry St & Grand St11:00:00
23Lower East SideBialystoker Pl & Delancey St12:00:00
23Lower East SideRivington St & Ridge St11:00:00
15Lower East SidePitt St & Stanton St11:00:00
44Tompkins SquareE 10 St & Avenue A10:00:00
31Tompkins SquareE 2 St & Avenue C10:00:00
37Tompkins SquareE 2 St & Avenue B9:00:00
31Lower East SideAllen St & E Houston St9:00:00
27Tompkins SquareE 6 St & Avenue B9:30:00
23Tompkins SquareE 6 St & Avenue D12:00:00
24Tompkins SquareAvenue D & E 8 St9:30:00
24Tompkins SquareAvenue D & E 12 St10:30:00
36Tompkins SquareE 9 St & Avenue C9:30:00
44Tompkins SquareE 10 St & Avenue A9:30:00
39Tompkins SquareE 13 St & Avenue A8:30:00
31East VillageE 3 St & 1 Ave11:00:00

Bikes and NotSpots

Bikes available at 11:30 am today: 4316

Bikes available at 11:30 am yesterday: 4482

Bikes available at 7 am a week ago: no data

NotSpots at   11:30 am today: 49 (record high is 53)

NotSpots at  11:30  am yesterday:  26

Riding conditions just about the same

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